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The time since Sophie's diagnosis has been an educational one and a real journey of discovery. I have always held beliefs about autism that didn't really fit the mainstream views but I couldn't explain them and there was a period when I thought I was the only one that felt this way! Finding blogs and articles written by autistic writers and pertaining to autism acceptance and neurodiversity were eye-opening on one hand and sort of like finding a home on another.

Sometimes it was uncomfortable. Reading about prejudices or internalized ablism I didn't realize I had wasn't fun, but necessary. To be the champion of Sophie that she needs and deserves I had to confront deep-rooted fears and assumptions I harboured about disabilities. I needed to hear people, some a lot like the adult she might be one day tell their stories. Heck, it's not something you can ever really put in a box as "done". I am constantly learning and evolving and challenging myself.

This is meant to be a resource page of important blogs that were instrumental in shaping my perspectives and which I re-read often. This will be a dynamic list, as I will drop resources here as I find them. It's more like a personal collection (my reference bookshelf so to speak) rather than an exhaustive list. Perhaps they can help others the way they have helped me.

Blogs by autistic writers

Unstrange Mind

Invisible Strings

Musings of an Aspie

Real Social Skills

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking

Eccentricities and introspection

Emma's Hope Book


Autism Women's Network

Resources about parenting autistic children (some by autistic parents, some not)

Respectfully Connected

Parenting Autistic Children with Love and Acceptance

Diary of a mom

Suburban Autistics

Amazing Adventures Parenting Autistic children

Small, but Kinda Mighty

We are Like Your Child

Communication resources (because communication is important!)

Typed words, Loud voices

Speak for Yourself

Uncommon Sense

Praactical AAC

Rapid Prompting Method






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