Summertime and the living is... Easy?

I wish I had something more profound to say, but the sun fried my brain I think. I read other bloggers who manage to convey heart wrenching anguish or uplifting accomplishment or riot-inducing rage but I got none of that. Not in July and probably won't in August either (August is my favourite month actually, bet you didn't know that). I'm kinda mellow these days.

I think I live for summer. I can't feel bad in the heat. I can't be sad when the smell of sunscreen is in the air. I can't be feeling sorry for myself when sitting on some blanket by a wading pool watching my kids running around with a herd of neighbourhood kids... Ok well scratch the sitting. Not doing much sitting this year what with Sophie and a freshly-walking toddler under my watch. Shadowing more like. Still, there are worse things than shadowing two insanely happy wet kids I'd say.

We are fortunate to live in a neighbourhood with many wonderful (free) attractions for kids. There are wading pools, sprinklers, big pool, creeks etc, etc. We never need to be bored. I think having 3 older kids as well (2 of my own, one under my watch) and plenty other friends who like to come along make every simple outing to a park a fun event.

And Sophie? Well we are biding our time for now. I was never one of the "must teach maximum skills in minimum time" kind of parent with my older two so I am totally letting Sophie be a kid this summer. We are working on communication as usual (oh- must share this link if you're looking at AAC like we are... Very good resource right here), but mostly we are working on summer-ization. Meaning, water, sand playground, picnics with a nap somewhere in the middle. I think she is learning as much as she would anywhere else. Just this morning she walked up the steps to our apartment using alternate feet! If anybody's kiddo had physical delays you know what a big deal that is. I was holding her hand, but still.

One of the best things about Sophie (well... There are many of course) is her relatively easy-going personality. If it sounds like parenting her isn't "all that hard" in that aspect, it is not. She is content the majority of the time, she is regular with meals and naps and she adapts to new situations quite easily. The things that do make parenting Sophie hard seem to fade in the summer. Her developmental delays, her differences from her peers, her detached personality, those are not so apparent or significant when she is just one of the kids in a swimsuit and a bucket hat (or no hat, who am I kidding) knee-deep in the pool. It would take a trained eye to notice that her entry into the pool is always from the same angle or that she isn't playing like the other children but rather walks in and out of the pool in a perfectly synchronized pattern. Most people don't see past the happy grin.

Running and splashing. Splashing and running

Our days are long and wet and sandy and sunburned. At the end of the day we collapse exhausted but happy. I will write some deep, thought-provoking post someday soon... Maybe in September ;) or maybe something will come to me before that.

Stay tuned for a camping update though, we are going on August 1st for 10 days!


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