Reason to be cheerful- Sophie is 3!

I decided to hop along on this blog hop because I love the title. Reasons to be cheerful indeed. My girl is three years old today and I think she knows it! Well, she knows there seems to be an abundance of cupcakes, so that's a start right?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Birthdays can be a bittersweet time for parents of special-needs kids. They can mark yet another year gone by with not as much progress as we hoped for, or be a blatant reminder of how far behind their peers our kids are. Sophie doesn't act like a 3 year old if I really think about it. I say really think because in truth I don't usually define Sophie as an age or as what she "should" be doing. Sophie is more like an ageless being in my mind, a bright spirit with her own developmental trajectory. There is no point trying to pinpoint an age to her because while she might act like an 18 month old child in many ways, I do see glimpses of a wisdom way beyond that level in her eyes.

This year was a period of such growth and a new awareness of the world and I'm not just talking about her, but me as well. Around this time last year we were lost, grieved, sick with worry. This birthday finds us at peace, filled with love and wonder for our child, and not making a list of expectations for her (or us) to fulfill. And so here follows the list of things that make me happy TODAY (I'll think about tomorrow when it gets here).

What makes me cheerful today:

  • I stayed up late last night making chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting and they turned out really good!
  • We took some of the cupcakes to our playgroup this morning and we sang "happy birthday" to Sophie and she actually sat at the table and listened before running off. She liked the cupcakes too, which is great (she doesn't usually want to try a food she hasn't had in a while and I don't think she ever had pink frosting before! She did like it once she tried it, of course)
  • We had the big kids come after school along with a couple neighbourhood friends for cupcake session #2 and another "happy birthday" rendition.
  • I do believe that Thomas did his magic and the birthday episodes I've been playing for her this week planted the birthday idea in her mind because she perked up her ears and listened to all the happy birthday talk.
  • I have a giant tub of homemade strawberry frosting in my fridge, how's that for a reason to be cheerful ;)

And now, a picture essay of what ensues after this mother requests one decent photo with all siblings together, looking and smiling at general direction of camera.

And those are my reasons to be cheerful!


  1. What a gorgeous bunch of kids! Happy Birthday to Sophie she sure looks like she's enjoying your cupcake :-D

  2. Your blog always gives me a reason to be cheerful! I'm so glad Sophie's birthday went so well. It's wonderful that preparing her with Thomas and friends helped! Janey has never gotten birthdays, although she does kind of get the cake. She shares her birthday with her brother Freddy, so that makes it a little easier for all of us somehow. Christmas is another holiday I try hard to get her pumped up for! She loves Christmas music more than anything, so that's the focus for her. She's never had the slightest interest in any gift. Did Sophie open any presents? Tell her a very big Happy Birthday from all of us!

    1. Aww thanks. You know we didn't bother with presents, because that would be more for us than her. The cupcakes were for her the girl has a big sweet tooth! I don't think she got the "it's my birthday" the way typical children do, but she was happy so I call success. Plus the celebrating her made all of us happy, so it is a good thing!

  3. Sounds like you had great birthday celebrations! Xx


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