PECS boards

I thought I'd update on the communication boards since I mentioned that I'd be making one. Well I did make, two actually, for the kitchen and living room. I purchased really cute (and cheap) white boards with a fancy border at a big-chain discount store (Dollarama for the Canadians ;) the nice thing about them is that I can use the marker to write things on it. For now I stuck with "I want". I put Velcro strips on the boards and Velcro dots on the cards and ta-da!

Living room

So I'm keeping it simple, only few choices all of which are highly desirable for Sophie (these are a few of her favorite things...). I know I mentioned I wanted to do PECS "right" but we are doing a more organic, "whatever works" approach. The amazing thing is that Sophie is incredibly intrigued by the cards. Perhaps because they all represent things she loves? Last night when I was still putting the Velcro dots on she already grabbed the "orange" card and stuffed into my hand with a no-nonsense, "get me some of them oranges" expression on her face.

I hope these cards will alleviate some of her frustration. She seems to be happy to have them anyway, she keeps looking at them with her head cocked to one side. When I put the Thomas card up before putting on her show, she beamed. So now I'm thinking about a visual schedule maybe. It helps that we are back in our routine, the older kids at school and us going to play group in the mornings.

What still concerns me is that while the cards are great for communicating her wants at home, she is showing the desire to express more abstract ideas too. Today we met our OT at the play group and she noticed Sophie's constant soundless speaking and facial imitation too. She wanted to tell me things, but again I was at a loss. She was happy to be back, I could tell that. But was she telling me this? Asking to follow? Suggesting a game? Needing help? I don't know. Oh, I hope she finds her voice soon! I'm so looking forward to getting to know the person she is becoming.

Choices, choices



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